SpireWest Digital Pump Controller is designed with advanced technology of microprocessor-based system. And thus, it is the safest and complete failure proof solution for long life and trouble free operations of pumps. Our design criterion has been built-in absolute reliability for entire life of the equipment at affordable prices.

All our panels have these features :

Booster Transfer

Having achieved sales of over 50,000 units across the GCC region, this controller has undeniably become the established standard for digital control in booster and transfer systems. Its installation, operation, and maintenance are remarkably straightforward, making it user-friendly. Furthermore, it is a robust and dependable controller trusted in booster and transfer systems worldwide.

Control Panel for Sewage / Dewatering System

SpireWest offers a comprehensive system designed to manage multiple levels of sewage and stormwater control for single or multiple pumps, complete with alarm functionality. These alarms are conveyed through both audible and visual cues. Similar to other SpireWest systems, these controllers are remarkably user-friendly, boasting easy installation, operation, and maintenance procedures.

Control Panel for Hot Water Circulation

Water level

Control Panel For Borewell Submersible Pumps

High Low level /
Pressure Alarm

Variable Speed Panel for constant pressure

Addressing the pressing need for energy conservation, the booster system efficiently consumes power based on actual demand, resulting in substantial energy savings for both individuals and the global community. SpireWest’s innovative solutions, which incorporate a common VFD to regulate variable-speed systems, are nothing short of revolutionary. They simplify system maintenance and contribute to its extended operational life.

Booster Set
Assembling Kit